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Are we not all in some way, seeking to solve the mysteries of existence? At some point, our quest for truth turns inward to the spiritual dimension of life and we become like mystics. 

It can happen as the result of a deliberate search for a deeper reality or it may occur spontaneously, redirecting our vision from concern with the outer world, to discovering the truth that we already are that for which we are seeking. 

Only in recent times has it been possible to make the world’s vast spiritual teachings available to a global audience, and to create a dialogue between its most revered teachers. Now, for the first time, many of them appear together in one film; their comments woven together in a provocative tapestry of wisdom and promise. 

In this groundbreaking film, contemporary mystics share their common vision of our human essence, and they invite us to see beyond our illusionary separateness. If we do, they say, there is no problem we cannot solve. Ultimately, their voices lead and exhort us to hear not just their united voice, but the One Voice within us all. 

Teachers in the film include Buddhists Joseph Goldstein, Bhante Gunaratana, Joan Halifax Roshi and Yongyey Mingyur Rinpoche. They join many other mystics from various religions and spiritual paths in this insightful and heartfelt film. 

Filmmaker Matt Flickstein spent two and a half years interviewing renowned mystics from the world’s great sacred traditions. What he discovered amazed him. He found that at the core of all religions and spiritual paths there is only one unifying truth, one ultimate reality that unites us all. He made With One Voice as a way to bring this life-affirming message of hope to the world. 

Each of these teachers has dedicated his or her life to experiencing a reality that the mind cannot grasp, and that language cannot fully explain. They teach us how to hear this truth from a place of inner silence. 

Although they may each travel different pathways, they all share the same vision of this ultimate reality. Whether you refer to it as God, Wisdom, The Absolute or any other name, these teachers and mystics share their common vision of that essence, exploring the unifying thread that links and transcends all peoples and all religions.

With One Voice is distributed by Alive Mind Cinema.

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