With the year’s end approaching, it’s time to take stock of everything that happened over the past 12 months and dream about what kind of year you’d like 2016 to be.

And letting go. If those two words resonate with you—if you’re holding onto something you’d like to not carry with you through the new year, consider Kevin Griffin’s online course, “Letting Go and Going Forward.”  

And, if you have a holiday break planned, think about taking an hour to watch “The Mindful Revolution,” the Tricycle Film Club’s current feature, which dives into the role of meditation in the corporate world. 

New on Tricycle this week:

Five things Brent R. Oliver, a writer and bartender living in Kentucky, misses about his Hardcore meditation practice. 

Despite the 195-country agreement, was the Paris climate conference too little, too late? Contributing editor Sam Mowe weighs in.  

And here’s what we’re reading at Tricycle:

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How two men served out their prison sentences with help from meditation (Capital Public Radio)

In New York, a Buddhist shrugs off her almost-$10 million penthouse apartment (DNAinfo

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