Here’s a collection of links on the recent Burma Peace Walk and other Buddhist activities in the Bay Area, courtesy of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship: ABC7 Local Network Coverage: Monks march through Golden Gate

KRON 4 NEWS Video: Burmese Monks and Supporters Walk Across Golden Gate Bridge

Burma April 9 Torch Protest Featured Coverage: spent a day with Burma protesters and made this feature front page story:

Press Democrat: On day of chaos, quiet march speaks loudly

YouTube Video of  Peace Walk taken from the Air

San Francisco: Peace Walk begin

Peace Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Peace Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge2 Photo Collection: 

CNN: There photos from Bridge Walk made it to this collection of 14 photos by The Province: Bridge Walk Photo is used in this Canada Article:  B.C. residents join anti-China demo

Flickr: Peace Walk for Burma Photos

Flying Free Burma Banner: San Francisco Olympic Torch Relay and Protests;

Free Burma, Olympic Torch Protest Against China’s Human Rights practices, Led by Burmese Monks on the Golden Gate Bridge, April 9, 2008, San Francisco

Peace Walk for Burma Photos                     

Other coverage where Burma was mentioned: 

Americans take dim view of relay,25197,23518784-2703,00.html

Olympic Torch Takes Unexpected Route Through SF

CBC Canada on the Bridge Walk Coverage:

USA Today:  Olympic torch run out of sight for most:

BBC: Confusion strikes US torch relay:

The Guardian: San Francisco is braced to greet Olympic torch – and thousands of protesters

AP: Torch concludes bumpy tour of Bay Area:

Some of the coverage before April 9 : NBC11 Video: Burmese Activists To SF: Drop Torch Run completely

Video: Burmese activists protest SF torch run

Video: Burmese activists protest SF torch run ABC7 News:

Plus, Donna Karan and her Urban Zen Foundation in the Village Voice.

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