Can a bodhisattva vow for the earth help to halt or reverse manmade climate change? Two articles make the case for the dharma helping us restore balance to the planet. How? It starts within each of us:

  • In the Bangkok Post, Chompoo Trakullertsathien says that as the world heats up, so do our minds. Cooling our anger, greed, and delusions can’t help but lead to good things for the earth.
  • John Guerrerio writes that the current environmental crisis offers us a chance to overcome our dualistic view of Economy vs. Ecology and inhabit our true roles as stewards responsible for keeping the balance of the earth that sustains us.

What can we do today to be more responsible citizens of the planet on which each and every one of us depends for our every breath? In Tricycle‘s Summer 2009 issue, Joseph Goldstein offered some advice in “Facing the Heat.”

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