The Worst Horse finds a big collection of graphics telling us all: “Don’t forget Burma!”

So, following that good advice: Burma is selling jewelry. (Burma produces 90% of the world’s rubies.) Don’t buy it! The junta keeps arresting people during Rapporteur Pinheiro’s visit. The BBC says Burma’s monks are not ready to forgive the wrongs done them by the junta.

The painting “Monks with Traits of a Crow,” is shaking up Thailand, which is estimated to be 94% Buddhist. You can see the painting after the link. It’s pretty much literally what the title says it is, if traits mean body parts. Monks have staged protests where the painting is displayed.

China appreciates India’s recent snubbing of the Dalai Lama. (The Indian government apparently ordered members of the cabinet to skip a ceremony honoring HHDL in New Delhi.) In other news, trade between India and China will exceed $30 billion this year, and will exceed $40 billion by 2010.

Moving on to more bloggy issues, Bhikkhu’s Blog tackles the burning question, “Does Buddhism Dance?” And Danny Fisher points us to some NYT articles on Buddhism and the academy, looking at the Dalai Lama’s relationship with Emory and Naropa. And Lin Jensen of Tricycle‘s own blogs writes on the first precept. (Here are the ten precepts from Access to Insight.) Lin’s posts always have such great stories in them, often about his childhood on a farm. You can’t miss this one.

The cost of the wars the United States is waging: $46,400 per family of four.

– Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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