A lot of Buddhists have become interested in yoga in recent years. Many meditators have expressed a need to “get in touch with their bodies,” while others, not so interested, find enough in the Satipatthana Sutta to keep them going for a lifetime. If you are the stretching type, you might want to check out a few cautionary tales in yesterday’s New York Times. A lech with a yoga mat may just get your leotard in a twist. Don’t let someone who tells you he’s in a “teacher-training program” fool you — his only credential may be that he slept at a Holiday Inn last night and that it wasn’t pretty. For those of you who want to stick with meditation alone, here’s an interesting new teacher you may want to check out, brought to you by — who else? — You Tube. What can I say, it’s Friday. Take a look, pretty funny. – James Shaheen, Editor

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