Beginning Monday, May 14th,  Acharya Fleet Maull will begin his third of four talks on Social Awakening. The topic of his third talk, titled “Social Virtuosity: Developing Confidence and Resilience Through the Discovery of Basic Goodness” focuses on the fluidity of being present, and developing the ability to settle into this fluidity, responding to situations with trust. In responding with trust and tactful vulnerability to situations, we will be more aware of society’s basic goodness. Fleet mentions that the best vision of human society isn’t one that excludes problems and fears, but rather a society embracing it all. We encourage our members to join us for week 3 on Monday, to face the heat of our world and develop a greater resilience toward seeing the world as innately good.

Week 1 of our retreats are available to all members of the Tricycle Community, but the remaining 3 weeks will only be open to Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community.


Check out a preview for the third week below:


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