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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, ailment may afflict our minds as well as our bodies (or our financial stability). Fear, anxiety, panic, worry—these infections take hold with a relentless, dull grip, or spike like a high fever. The Buddha saw himself, as others saw him, in the role of physician, his teachings medicine for the acute and chronic suffering of the mind. 

To that end, Tricycle has created a new podcast of brief audio practices—guided meditations and talks that get at the heart of fear and worry, and ground us in the breath and body—to be taken like fast-acting medicine. It’s called For the Moment: Short Practices for Relief and Resilience

We hope it can provide a dose of calm and common sense when we most need relief. 

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Working with Strong Emotions with Jessica Angima:

Working with Anxious Thoughts with Craig Hase:

Black Lives Matter Metta with Mona Chopra: 

From the series “Teachings for Uncertain Times

Visualization with Mark Epstein:

Settling In with Thanissaro Bhikkhu:


Introducing For The Moment: 

To kick off our series, Tibetan Buddhist teacher Marcy Vaughn leads us in three guided meditations modeled on the three doors to the inner refuge, three different ways to access the true self. Marcy is a senior student of the Bon Buddhist master Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and a senior teacher in Tenzin Wangyal’s non-sectarian 3 Doors Academy. 

Stillness with Marcy Vaughn: 

Silence with Marcy Vaughn:

Spaciousness with Marcy Vaughn:


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