The Epoch Times (founded by members of Falun Gong; here’s their About Us page) has just concluded its four-part talk with Ms. Zhu Rui, a Han Chinese woman who has spent time in Tibet. It’s called “The Distorted Image of Tibet”. Don’t expect perfect impartiality, but it is interesting:

When we arrived in Tibet, I found that everything was different: the language, the clothing, the buildings, the religious sites—and I liked them all. As I was strolling down Barkhor Street—the busiest shopping street in Lhasa—I was totally absorbed. The earthen jars, the stringed flags, thang-ga paintings, turquoise necklaces, and costumes all amazed me. When I entered the Buddhist temples, I was awed by the beauty of the architecture. People in them were all so quiet and I was surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity.

The Guardian tells a tale of two Tibets: the Manichaean duelling viewpoints of people staring at each other across a chasm even though they might be living next door to one another.

Glyn Ford, a Labour MEP, has just returned from Tibet. He is said to be the first Western politician to visit since well before the Olympics. He says that making peace with the Dalai Lama will be the fastest and best thing for China, which is looking to move forward and stop talking about Tibet.

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