Next week we’ll begin Shinzen Young’s month-long Tricycle Online Retreat “What is Mindfulness?” Through talks and guided practices, Shinzen will elucidate how mindfulness is defined from numerous points of view and discuss factors that could facilitate or inhibit a global mindfulness revolution. The practice sessions will parallel the talks and offer an experiential point of view. Retreat participants will also be guided in Breath Focus and explore how this practice develops four aspects of mindful awareness: concentration power, sensory clarity, equanimity, and insight.

In this video, Shinzen Young speaks with Polly Young-Eisendrath, a Jungian psychologist and a student of Shinzen’s, about the Vipassana he teaches and why it’s important for students to understand the commonalities between different forms of mindfulness practice.

Tune in Tuesday, September 4, for the beginning of Shinzen Young’s retreat!

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