Photo by Maria J. Avila Lopez
Photo by Maria J. Avila Lopez

The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace
is still on the move. The statue is currently in a warehouse in San Jose, CA where it has received tens of thousands of visitors. The Oakland Tribune has the story:

At least 113,000 people have visited the statue since the exhibition opened Sept. 19, according to the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace Organizing Committee in Northern California. Almost 29,000 showed up Sept. 20, prompting at least one complaint from a resident of an apartment complex next door about crowds, illegal parking and noise. By this past weekend, however, the mood was relaxed, even festive, as the free exhibit headed toward its last day in San Jose—Friday. It will then continue on its five-year worldwide tour.

Read the rest here. If you can’t catch the Jade Buddha in San Jose by Friday it might be in a town near you soon. See the itinerary here. Safe travels Jade Buddha! Image: Photo by Maria J. Avila Lopez

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