Marc Lesser, executive coach and Zen teacher, wrote the article “Do Less, Accomplish More” for Tricycle for our Fall 2009 issue. Doing less while accomplishing more sounds like a paradox, right? Well, Lesser has a new article up on the Huffington Post called “Accepting the Paradoxes in Your Life.” He writes:

A paradox is something that appears to be contradictory, unbelievable, or absurd but may in fact be true. Do less; accomplish more. These statements present a paradox. Acknowledging, owning and embracing the paradoxical nature of our lives, the lives of others and the world can lessen our resistance to change and increase our effectiveness. At its most basic it makes us less tense and more open to happiness.

Read the complete article here. What are the paradoxes in your life? Do they make your life difficult, enrich it, or both? You can follow Marc Lesser on Twitter at @doingless. His tips for living are among the best out there. Don’t you want to do less and still accomplish more?

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