During Tricycle Meditation Month, we invite our readers to sit every day for the month of March. In Week 2, meditation teacher Mindy Newman leads you through an intention-setting exercise. Setting your intention can help you develop and maintain a regular practice.

“By having an intention, we know why we’re [meditating], and we can keep reminding ourselves of that on a daily basis,” Newman says. “I once heard a teacher say that the benefit that you derive from meditation will be based on what your intention was.”

While there are a number of valuable intentions, this week’s exercise focuses on cultivating lovingkindness. Newman invites you to go beyond just thinking about intention and actually feel it in your practice.  

New videos are posted every Thursday throughout the month here on Trike Daily and are free to watch.

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

Mark your calendars: Newman will wrap up Meditation Month with a live call on March 29 from 8-9pm EST on Facebook.

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