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As I’m sure most of you know, it was quite a snowy weekend for those of us living in the Northeast. On Sunday morning I woke up early, planning to sit in my usual spot near my desk. But when I looked out the window at the snow-covered city I decided it was a perfect day to try the walking meditation that Sharon shares in the guide to Week Two. So I took my practice out into the winter wonderland. I wrapped myself in some warm layers, laced up my Bean Boots, filled a thermos with hot tea, and trekked over to Central Park. There, I found a quiet clearing and practiced walking meditation for half an hour.There were plenty of distractions in the park—igloo builders, cross-country skiers, rowdy snow-ball fights—but I did my best to let go of worrying what people would think of me walking back and forth in the same spot for 30 minutes and I focused on putting one foot in front of the other, letting my attention rest on the sensations in my feet and legs. Every few minutes a dog barking or drop of melting snow would break my concentration, but I followed Sharon’s instructions and sped up my pace until my concentration was restored.

Afterward, I walked home from the park and instead of moving at my usual New Yorker pace (practically jogging), I walked slowly and with purpose, noticing things along the way that I hadn’t absorbed in the many years I’ve lived in the neighborhood and paying attention to how my body felt as I slowly moved down the street, bringing mindful movement into my daily life.

—Rachel Hiles, Managing Editor

P.S.  I snapped the above photo after my sit—it was a gorgeous day!

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