March is winding down. We hope you’ve enjoyed Spring Washam’s Meditation Month videos, and that you’ve learned something new from her—and something new about your own practice—during this time. 

As a reward for your hard work this month, we’re happy to give you a musical treat. Ani Choying Drolma, who recently visited New York City to perform a benefit concert for Nepal and celebrate International Day of Happiness at the United Nations, performed two songs for the Tricycle staff at New York Insight Meditation Center and gave a short talk on the importance of meditation and rewards of the dharma. 

In the video below, Ani Choying also speaks about her decision to become a nun and taking refuge in the dharma.

“Your understanding of the dharma is something that makes your life more light, more meaningful, more joyful. The willpower in itself is the real driving force to lead you toward the practice of dharma,” Ani Choying says in the video. 

If this is the first you’re hearing about Tricycle Meditation Month 2016, here’s Spring Washam’s weekly video series:

How has Meditation Month helped your practice? Any suggestions for March 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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