The Chinese embassy in Israel seems to have put pressure on Tel Aviv University to remove a Falun Gong flyer. Some students and faculty were appropriately outraged.

An article on meditation myths. One myth? That meditation has anything to do with spirituality or religion or any of that yucky stuff.

“The evidence that shows meditation has an effect on the brain and has effects with long-term practice on the health of the practitioner really warrants us taking another look at this and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

“It doesn’t matter under what context you practise it – the important thing is that you do.”

Refugees from Bhutan leave Nepal for re-settlement overseas. They’ve been there for fifteen years. Does the timing have anything to do with Bhutan’s upcoming elections?

More bloodshed in Sri Lanka as the 2008 death toll for Tamil rebels tops 2,000.

Going to Winnipeg? Stop by the Manitoba Buddhist Church.

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