Starting June 21, join us at the Tricycle Community Book Club where Susan Moon will be leading a discussion on her latest, This is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity.  The book is a collection of essays broken down into three sections: Cracks in the Mind and Body, Changing Relationships, and In the Realm of the Spirit. We will spend two days (loosely) discussing each section and have a final day to wrap things up. From the Introduction:

“Wabi-sabi” is a Japanese expression for the beauty of impermanence, the imperfection of things that are worn and frayed and chipped through use. Objects that are simple and rustic, like an earthenware tea bowl, and objects that show their age and use, like a wooden banister worn smooth by many hands, are beautiful. . . . As I get older I am turning into myself. Job gone, children grown and living far away, parents dead. Can’t backpack, can’t do hip hop. Who am I, really? Now I get to find out.

Susan Moon is a writer and Zen Buddhist. She is the former editor of Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism.

Book Club members can receive a generous 30% discount on the book and free shipping in the US through our friends at Shambhala Publications. Order your book here and type in the sales code: OLDBONES. This offer ends 6/30.

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