While the New Year might not truly come with fresh karma, it does present a chance to mentally reset and make a new commitment to practice. To help you meet your 2018 dharmic resolutions, here are a few Buddhist teachings on turning your intention into motivation, finding joy in effort, and cultivating lovingkindness for all.

Two Exercises for Turning Intention into Motivation
It’s tough to live up to our own aspirations. Here’s some motivation from the Buddhist scholar Thupten Jinpa.

The Joy of Effort 
The path doesn’t save all its pleasure for the end. Abbot of Metta Forest Monastery Thanissaro Bhikkhu explains why you can enjoy it now.

Goalless Practice 
To learn how to be truly content here, you have to practice being truly content here.

Tricycle Teachings: 12 Months of Dharma 
For those looking for a continuous source of wisdom this year, dharma to match the mood of every month

May I Be Happy: Getting Aligned for the New Year 
Yoga teacher and author Cyndi Lee leads a guided meditation around each of the four slogans from maitri practice, the traditional Buddhist lovingkindness meditation.

RAIN: The Nourishing Art of Mindful Inquiry
In our newest course, Vipassana teacher Michele McDonald offers practitioners of all skill levels a way to investigate our emotional lives, so we can create space around our default mechanisms and respond—rather than react—with greater balance and grace.

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