Elephant Journal’s Buddhist-in-Chief Waylon Lewis was kinder to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey than most. Mackey’s Wall St. Journal op-ed slamming “Obama Care” wasn’t enough to get Way to join the call to boycott the organic foods giant. Taking a more measured approach, Way argued for tolerance in his Huffington Post blog last August (“Why I Ain’t About to Boycott Whole Foods“). But that’s all over now. Previously a Mackey defender, Way now writes, “I’m finally losing it, and he’s finally losing me.”

What was Way’s tipping point? News that Mackey counts himself among the global warming skeptics. A fan of Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan, “right-wing hippie” Mackey now questions whether the planet is warming up because of us, according to The New Yorker . Way too much for Way, and he wrote himself onto the home page of the Huffington Post—again. Read it here.

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