Well, you gotta hand it to Washington. Our government, which has given up on combatting (or even admitting) human-influenced climate change, is not giving up on Burma, at least rhetorically (It helps that Iran seems to be off the table for now.) Congress is finally pushing a bill through the gridlock that will cut off some finances for the junta. About time! And Bush promises more sanctions. On another note Danny Fisher points out we can sign a petition to tell the world we don’t support the Bush administration’s obstruction vis a vis the Bali talks. More on the climate talks here. Australia,  under mew management (newly elected PM Kevin Rudd) is also working hard with the U.N. to bring some some sense to Burma by stepping up the dialogue. So while Burma no longer grabs headlines, it’s not a dead letter yet. (By the way, Australia now having a leader who is not a global warming denier leaves the U.S. in the shrinking company of countries who reject Kyoto. One of Rudd’s first acts in office was to signal his attention to sign the accord.) Do you worry too much? Here’s some dubious advice you might find helpful. The U.K. is encouraging inmates to take up yoga and meditation. There have been posts on the troubling aspects of the U.S.’s troubling clothes obsession here before. Well, here’s more that takes a slightly more balanced look at the issue: A World Consumed by Guilt. It’s the most, wonderful time of the year! Well, here’s James of the Buddhist Blog‘s very sensible take on it all. Stay tuned for a special post coming up about a certain Buddhist Santa!… – Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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