Pat David
‘Little Flower’ by Pat David

On disc two of Being Brave: Transforming Our World, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche gives a talk called ‘ Bringing Meditation Into Our Culture.’ This guided teaching focuses on the discovery of unexpected blossoms people may discover in their hearts, as a result of nurturing seeds of basic goodness . This inner work and nourishment will provide a lasting and deeper sense of happiness, both on a personal level and on a societal level:

“We’re forming ourselves, a holistic culture, that takes care of mind and body, livelihood and inspiration. Why do we work hard? To be happy. What is happiness? Happiness is the balance and goodness that the mind feels—worthiness. This is not something essentially we can either buy or sell, it is something that is of its own accord, inherent in the mind. And once we experience and know what that happiness is, then we are not manipulated. We are discovering from that point of view a sense of self sufficiency and almost independence. And as we do this thought and insight, the seeds that are being planted right now will appear later in life out of nowhere. ”

These talks, placed on DVD by Shambhala Media and sponsored by Tricycle, are incredibly powerful and deserve a place in one’s wisdom collection. The price for Tricycle members is only $35 with no extra shipping costs. Place an order for your copy of the DVD before the special offer ends! DVD prices will be increased to $50 after the 2nd of January, so hurry!



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