The US government’s decision to delay a meeting with the Dalai Lama during the latter’s visit to Washington in October angered—or at least disappointed—many activists.

Now that Obama has actually visited China, the news reports, and opinions masquerading as news reports, are coming thick and fast. Some think Obama has served Tibet well, others wonder when he’s actually going to meet with the LD.

Financial Times: Obama visit yields few concrete results

AFP: Obama’s China visit leaves dissidents disappointed

Hindustan Times: Obama for talks between China, Dalai Lama

Times of India: Obama Urges China to talk to Dalai And in related news, New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key will be emulating Obama

and snubbing the DL, and China is annoyed the DL was well-received in Italy:

New Zealand Herald: Key: No reason to meet Dalai Lama this time

Global Times: China dissatisfied with Dalai Lama’s India visit

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