The last sport I ever thought I’d write about is golf. Actually, I can’t even believe I’m blogging about sports.  I’m not a big sports fan.  And if I play, I like to play soccer. However, every time I pass a golf course, I can’t help but wonder if golf could be considered the quintessential Buddhist sport, if there is such a thing as “a quintessential Buddhist sport.” But think about it. It’s just you & your body, wide-open space, relaxing, and then an object of concentration or meditation (the golf ball).

I began to look for other ideas that supported this thesis. And I found James Ragonnet’s book, Golf’s Three Noble Truths. In it he dissects and applies three core Buddhist teachings, which will help any golfer —or human being for that matter—grow. The three core truths to explore and master, he says, are, Awareness, Balance, and Unity. I think Tricycle should do an entire issue on how Buddhism applies to sports. What do you think? What other sport might apply? And how?

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