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We all know that there are benefits to sitting in grousp. For one thing, it can be a very powerful motivation to sit when we just don’t feel like it! Here’s Reginald Ray, from the e-book interview, on the other side of the coin:

There are unique benefits from sitting together, especially for people in the early stage of practice.

But something happens on solitary retreat that cannot happen in a group situation and certainly doesn’t happen during individual practice at home. We see for ourselves that within each human being is the buddhanature. What is the buddhanature? It is a mind that is open and completely unencumbered. It is empty. And it gives birth to warmth and compassion for other people. As a doctrine, this can be clearly explained, but it’s another thing—and very shocking—to discover this within oneself. What solitary retreat practice provides that I don’t think is possible in any other way is freedom from the distraction and the reinforcement and confusion of interpersonal relationships, so over a period of time your mind is able to open up to a much greater depth than would otherwise
be possible.

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