February is Meditation Month here at Tricycle! We’re challenging ourselves—and our readers—to sit every day this month. To help all of us along, we’ve enlisted the help of Zen monk Brad Warner, who blogs at Hardcore Zen, has written numerous books on Zen, and is the head of the International Dogen Sangha. Ask him any question you have about your meditation practice this month, and he’ll answer.

If you need some help getting started, today’s your lucky…month. We’re featuring meditation-focused blog posts, e-books, and more:

  • Our online retreat this month features meditation teacher and bestselling author Sharon Salzberg, who explains how to bring our meditation practice off the cushion and into the workplace. We also spoke with Salzberg in the newest episode of Tricycle Talks.
  • We have not one, not two, but three meditation e-books to help you survive the month and a lifetime of meditation practice. Our newest e-book, Tricycle Teachings: Commit to Sit, was originally an at-home retreat manual from the minds of Salzberg and fellow meditation instructor Joseph Goldstein. It includes week-by-week meditation instructions, challenges, and tips for whatever meditation mood you’re in.
  • The Tricycle team is also blogging (almost) daily on our meditation ups and downs this month. Be sure to leave a comment on our posts so we know how you’re doing!

To ask the Meditation Doctor a question, simply post below or email it in to us at editorial@tricycle.com. He’ll get back to you soon!

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