For those just tuning in, tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favorite short film at the short films showcase. But unless you can convince a couple hundred of your friends to vote, too, then it’s probably not going to affect the outcome (the $1,000 winner will be determined by multiplying the total number of votes by the average star rating, highest number wins… so really it’s a popularity contest).* If the contest ended today, the winner would be “Anicca Sanpaku” by Zarko Mladenovic and Nenad Simic.

A close second would be “Who Am I?” a modern adaptation of the silent film. The film is by Chad Scheifele and he pulls off the style pretty successfully. It’s about a young mindfulness practitioner whose car gets broken into, and, through those he meets in the aftermath, has an enlightenment moment.

So far, “Who Am I?” has received rave reviews in the comments. “There are so many wonderful films here, but this one has my heart. Loved it. Sums it all up beautifully,” says one community member. “This literally gave me goosebumps…this film was perfect!” says another.

Go on, vote now! And, if you really want this film to win, get a couple hundred of your friends to vote, too.

*This just in: Tricycle editors get to select a “Director’s Choice” award, and the winner will be invited to the BuddhaFest film festival in the Washington, DC area. We’re fiercely debating which film should be picked, but we haven’t decided yet. Make a case for your favorite film in the comments here and I promise that your voice will be heard.


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