Ethan Nicthern’s One City: A Declaration of Independence will give you a pretty good idea of what his work is all about. Committed to creating a “bridge” between contemplative practice and activism, Nichtern and his organization, the Interdependence Project, have evolved since the book appeared. We’ve seen the launch of Beliefnet’s One City blog and  the growth and increasing visibility of the ID Project, which has recently relaunched its website. This morning I came across an interview with Nichtern from few years back. The interview is worth the watch because it pretty much lays out the philosophy that underlies his organization’s work and provides a clear articulation of a movement that in no small part has come to characterize what’s unique about the contemporary practice of Buddhism. You can watch the interview by Mark Molaro on the Alcove here. You can also read more about Nichtern’s organization here.

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