Well, nothing lasts forever. This week, Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara’s Tricycle Retreat, “Ease and Joy in Your Practice and Life,” wraps up, as does the Tricycle Book Club discussion of Sharon Salzberg’s book Real Happiness. Both events considerably brightened up an otherwsie gloomy February here at Tricycle! To both Enkyo Roshi and Sharon Salzberg, thank you very much for the gift of the dharma you’ve given us. Thank you for being available, generous, and patient throughout the month!

A participant in the Week 4 discussion of the retreat put it beautifully:

It is hard to express how much gratitude I have for the Dharma and for your teaching, Enkyo Roshi. Sometimes the Dharma just goes into one’s being so deeply as a healing balm. The efforts and dedication of our teachers is a timeless gift. In times of difficulty, the Dharma and its living expression through teachers provides a compass and a north star.

We couldn’t agree more. And if you missed the 28-day meditation challenge that accompanied our discussion of Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness, you can drop by Twitter and search for the hashtag #realhappiness to see how much tweetage was generated by this invigorating challenge and discussion, and Sharon’s site. You can also check out Sharon’s article from the latest Tricycle, “Sticking with it: How to sustain your meditation practice,” on how to keep that energy and enthusiasm going forward.

But eben though these wonderful happenings ae coming to an end, all is not lost! Beginning Monday, January 7th, we’ll have a new Tricycle Retreat, “Letting Go,” led by Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo, teachers in the Tibetan Buddhist Bodhi Path organization, and a timely Book Club discussion about Scott Edelstein’s Sex and the Spiritual Teacher. We hope you’ll continue to join us and lend your thoughts to our discussions, and share in the gift of the dharma.

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