This month we did something new at To accompany our retreat with Thai Forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu—his retreat on the Ten Perfections (or paramis/paramitas) was one of our most popular to date—we launched a new initiative: The Tricycle Teachers Fund. In addition to offering Than Geoff’s new book Skill in Questions for free download, we invited you to contribute $5 to the Tricycle Teachers Fund. Many of you did—thank you! 100% of what we collect through the Teachers Fund will be donated to the teacher (or teacher’s center) in question, in this case, Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s Metta Forest Monastery.

We all know that times are tough. We’re in an extended recession, and no one except the banks is making a killing these days! That’s why it’s all the more important to keep dharma teachers afloat so that they can continue to spread the teachings, which are priceless.

Thank you everyone, for your suport of Tricycle, and your support of dharma teachers through the Tricycle Teachers Fund.

UPDATE: The final tallies are in. The Tricycle Teachers Fund received 582 donations for Thanissaro Bhikkhu and Metta Forest Monastery. This kind of dana has the chance of making a big impact! Thank you all again.

Image: alles-schlumpf

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