This coming Monday, June 6th, the Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival will begin with Fire Under the Snow. This film is the story of a monk who was imprisoned by the Chinese for 33 years  for the “crimes” of peaceful demonstration and his refusal to denounce his teacher, who was not involved in politics at all. Makoto Sasa, the director of Fire in the Snow, was interviewed by Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara—herself a former professor of film—here.

Thursday, June 9th, With One Voice will follow. With One Voice is distributed by Alive Mind Cinema and is the story of the common spiritual goals of all mankind, and the ongoing dialogue between faiths.

Next week we’ll feature a teaching from Ryumon Sensei, and an interview with the director of Colors of Compassion, Eloise de Leon.

And there are more great films to come! We’re very excited to be able to bring you this one-of-a-kind event, and thanks to our friends and partners at BuddhaFest, who will host a live event in the Washington DC area June 16th-19th!

See the schedule of Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival films here. Want to see all six films? Be sure to get your festival pass before the films begin playing on June 6th. Festival passes are available to Tricycle Community Members. Not a member? Join here.

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