If you’ve ever found yourself pacing anxiously waiting for a traffic light to change, or angrily staring down someone who has taken the last available seat on the subway, then Jonathan S. Kaplan’s new book might be for you. Urban Mindfulness: Cultivating peace, presence, & purpose in the middle of it all is a guide to those of us who somtimes become lost or overwhelmed in the day-to-day grind of urban life. In Urban Mindfulness Kaplan—a clinical psychologist and the former director of the Stress Management Program at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy—provides practical advice for transforming everday urban experiences—smelling something rotten in the street, dealing with an overflowing toilet in the apartment upstairs, riding in a crowded elevator—into opportunities for “contemplation, stress relief, and fulfillment.” Kaplan calls the book “a resource for all of us who struggle to maintain inner peace and sanity while living in a stressful environment” and provides useful and simple concentration tasks for “at home,” “at play,” “at work,” “out and about,” and “anytime, anywhere.”


Learn more about Urban Mindfulness at Kaplan’s website, urbanmindfulness.org

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