A portfolio of work by An Xiao–photographer, poet, Buddhist, and all-around superstar–is up on Tricycle’s website, along with an exclusive interview. Check it out! New Yorkers can enjoy An Xiao’s work in two additional places this summer: An Xiao at Alphabet Scoop, with StreetHaiku Ice Cream An Xiao will be showing her popular Coney Island photos, including one from her new Coney Island Snow series, at Alphabet Scoop, a homemade ice cream store in Alphabet City. Her work will be shown alongside that of Chico, the legendary East Village artist whose murals can be found all over the Lower East Side. The opening will be held the evening of Thursday, June 26, so please save the date. All attendees will receive a 10% discount on ice cream, and Alphabet Scoop will feature a StreetHaiku flavor, named after An Xiao’s photography. All proceeds will benefit The Father’s Heart Ministries, an established outreach service based in Alphabet City. An Xiao @ Alphabet Scoop 543 E. 11th St., b/w A & B Thursday, June 26, 8 pm For more information about Alphabet Scoop, please visit http://www.fathersheartnyc.com/programs-alphabetscoop.php. An Xiao at the Brooklyn Museum An Xiao is participating in an experimental exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum called Click! Click! features the work of photographers exploring the theme of “The Changing Face of Brooklyn.” What makes this show unique is that it is crowd-curated: taking its inspiration from the critically acclaimed book The Wisdom of Crowds, in which New Yorker business and financial columnist James Surowiecki asserts that a diverse crowd is often wiser at making decisions than expert individuals, Click! explores whether Surowiecki’s premise can be applied to the visual arts—is a diverse crowd just as “wise” at evaluating art as the trained experts? Click! runs in the Brooklyn Museum from June 27 to August 10, 2008. More information can be found at http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/click/.

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