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Buddha Buzz Weekly: Mindfulness, Masks, and Music

Brooklyn Nets’s DeAndre Jordan among many leaning on mindfulness amid pandemic, a Japanese outfitter prints Heart Sutra masks, and a monk delivers an upbeat message: “Don’t Worry. Be Happy.” Tricycle looks back at the events of…

By Emily DeMaioNewton and Matthew Abrahams

buddhist macarthur genius grant winners sujatha baliga, Ocean Vuong, Mel Chin, and Lynda Barry

Buddha Buzz

Buddha Buzz Weekly: Buddhist Geniuses

Several Buddhists are among 2019 MacArthur “genius” fellows, thieves target the oldest Buddhist temple in Hawaii, and AOC eats some momos. Tricycle looks back at the events of this week in the Buddhist world.

By Karen Jensen and Matthew Abrahams

death defying monk | mummified Buddhist monk sangha tenzin

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Buddha Buzz Weekly: Death Defying Monks

Disciples to mummify Tibetan Buddhist believed to be meditating beyond death, Buddhists ignore court order against cremation at Hindu temple in Sri Lanka, and the Dalai Lama applauds the climate strike. Tricycle looks back at the…

By Karen Jensen

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