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NewsLeek: Fifth Noble Truth Discovered

LOS ANGELES—The International Mindfulness Foundation (IMF) today announced the discovery of a fifth noble truth, overturning the ancient Buddhist belief that there are only four. Speaking at a press conference at UCLA, IMF president Hugh Briss reported that researchers in the US and UK, using the latest quantum MRI technology, had scanned the brains of […]

By P. B. Law

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NewsLeek: Blackwater to Integrate Intensive Mindfulness Course into Tactics and Weapons Training

Last week Academi LLC, formerly Blackwater Worldwide, announced the introduction of a mindfulness course module into their universal tactics and weapons basic training course. Founded in 1997, the military contractor has been the largest US private security contractor in the world since the beginning of the Iraq War. The new mindfulness training, they hope, will […]

By Alex Caring-Lobel

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Fake Buddha Quotes

In a rare burst of creative energy, the Tricycle team went a step further when it came to illustrating Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s article “Lost In Quotation,” a piece about what we miss when we don’t read the whole sutta. We actually created the art ourselves: We know. Artistic genius. In all seriousness, the amount of “fake Buddha […]

By Tricycle