Meditation Retreat

New Online Retreat: Working & Playing with the Breath

Our new online retreat with Thanissaro Bhikkhu, abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery, delves into various aspects of recognizing, understanding, and cultivating the breath. Emphasizing the practice of “playing with the breath,” Thanissaro Bhikkhu walks us…

By Tricycle


Week 2 Roundup: The Buddha’s Original Ideas

We’re finishing up week 2 of Rita Gross’s Tricycle Retreat, “Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners,” today. This week Gross discussed India’s spiritual scene at the time of the Buddha. She reminds us that the Buddha didn’t…

By Tricycle


How important are meditation retreats?

A couple of days ago, my co-worker Monty McKeever wrote a post on our blog about Buddhism and money. As you might have guessed, it got some attention: Tricycle Community members left impassioned comments and it…

By Sam Mowe

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