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Tricycle visits Bhikkhu Bodhi at Chuang Yen Monastery

Earlier this week, some Tricyclers were lucky enough to make it up to Carmel, New York in order to visit with Bhikkhu Bodhi at Chuang Yen Monastery. Chuang Yen is a Chinese Chán monastery, and my colleague Monty was immediately moved by the fact that Bhikkhu Bodhi, a Theravada Monk, takes residence there, saying, “At […]

By Tricycle

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Cliff-Jumping with Cambodian Monks

This guest blogpost comes our way from Alex Tzelnic, a writer currently traveling in Cambodia.                       Enlightenment is a sweaty endeavor. Countless awakened ancestors have lost countless beads of sweat with a zafu clenched between their thighs. In the tropical heat of Southeast Asia, however, […]

By Alex Tzelnic