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The Great Heart of Zen

Gerry Shishin Wick

In order to reveal the heart of Zen a practitioner must be willing to face all of her or his barriers and resistances. We will learn how our habit-ridden consciousness prevents us from penetrating deeply into our practice. When we are able to stay present with our feelings, the wisdom of the body will provide us with the clues on how to proceed. We will also explore the role of koans.

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Touching Enlightenment

Reggie Ray

Reggie Ray’s four-part video retreat helps us move toward enlightenment using the vehicle of our bodies. While it may be fashionable or “spiritual” to denigrate the body in favor of something higher, Reggie points out that if we’re going to reach enlightenment, we’ll be doing it in our bodies. This retreat includes several guided meditations.

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The Power of an Open Question

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

In this four-part video retreat, Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel explores the topic she examines in her new book, The Power of an Open Question. Elizabeth is haunted and inspired by the challenges that arise for Buddhist practitioners. She is particularly focused on the Buddhist teachings on emptiness and how to bring them to life directly.

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Seven Steps to Enlightenment

Allan Lokos

In this 7-part video teaching, meditation teacher and author of Pocket Peace, Allan Lokos teaches seven simple practices that will lead us to greater peace. Allan’s “pocket practices” are teachings you can carry around with you throughout your hectic day!

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Whole Life Offering

Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei

In this 4-part video teaching, Zen teacher Bonnie Myotai Treace invites you to the Gristmill for a series of subtle koans and a cup of tea. Explore the nature of genuine offering, of attention, and the koan of water as a daily practice. Known for her poetic and innovative presentation of the dharma, Myotai Sensei’s encouragment is to make a “whole life offering,” moment by moment, to the mill of transformation. Water bowls for practice are available for order, and supplementary reading will be included.

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Break Your Addictive Patterns

Martine Batchelor

In this 4-part video teaching former Korean Zen nun and author Martine Batchelor will teach a form of Buddhist meditation that helps to break through addictive patterns. Written material for supplementary reading will be included.

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The Way of Freedom

Ken McLeod

Unbidden and unwanted thoughts and feelings consistently cloud our experience of life. Using a classical Tibetan text in this 5-week audio retreat, Ken McLeod will teach us how to cultivate clarity and presence. Ken’s decades-long background in Tibetan Buddhist practice enables him to make these ancient teachings accessible and useful in the world we live in today.

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Buddhism for This One and Only Life

Stephen Batchelor

In this 4-part video retreat, innovative writer and thinker Stephen Batchelor will explain Buddhist teachings from a secular perspective. Dismissing the notion of future lives, Stephen teaches that the Buddha’s design for living is meant for this one.

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Green Meditation

Clark Strand

Recover Your Natural Balance, Do you get enough sleep? Former Zen monk Clark Strand would probably argue that you don’t—and that people haven’t since the invention of the light bulb. With his 4-part video teaching on “green meditation” Strand takes us back to the way we were meant to sleep and shows us how. Audio Q&A and discussion forum.

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The Four Noble Truths

Gelek Rinpoche

The Four Noble Truths explained by Gelek Rimpoche

Did you know that suffering is optional? In this 8-part video teaching, Tibetan master Gelek Rimpoche explains why this is true, how to recognize the causes of suffering, and how to make choices that alleviate it. Interact with Gelek Rimpoche and senior students, who will answer your questions. Written material included.

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