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2015 Archive

Living the Platform Sutra

Rebecca Li

Tricycle offers an opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the Platform Sutra, a foundational teaching of the Chinese Chan school composed of records of the Chan Master Huineng.

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Admirable Friendship

Kate Johnson

Spiritual friendship with kate johnson

Join dharma teacher Kate Johnson for an exploration, both on and off the cushion, of the practice of friendship as central in our collective journey toward freedom and wholeness.

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Overcoming Spiritual Bypassing

Ethan Nichtern

In this online retreat, senior Shambhala teacher Ethan Nichtern will explore Buddhist teachings on relationships, emptiness, and compassion in the context of a bodhisattva path that leads us directly into the details of worldly life, with all its struggles and insights.

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Life Hurts: Responding with RAIN

Teah Strozer

Life hurts—but not because of any fault or misdeed of our own. Things just simply don’t always go the way we’d like them to. How can Buddhist practice equip us to deal with life’s inevitable letdowns? Zen teacher Teah Strozer’s answer is the straightforward, deceptively simple acronym RAIN: recognize, accept, investigate, not-identify.

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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Josh Korda

In his second online retreat for Tricycle, the Theravada Buddhist teacher Josh Korda will show us how to use Buddhist practices to develop the ability to recognize and monitor our emotions as well as to discriminate between drives that are safe to act upon and those best contained by awareness and slowly diffused.

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