Creating meaningful change starts with slowing down and listening deeply—both to ourselves and to one another. 

Council is a group practice with ancient roots that is used to facilitate transformative listening and meaningful dialogue around challenging and emotionally charged topics. In Council, we come together in a profound way, creating a shared liminal space that is safe, confidential, and perhaps even sacred. We each listen and speak from the heart, encountering, and experiencing one another gently and with awareness. We are not solving problems or debating issues or making plans. We are making a healing space for each of us to hear and be heard, see and be seen.

Council is one of the core practices of Zen Peacemakers, a dharma activist group and community founded by Roshi Bernie Glassman. Join Tricycle and Zen Peacemakers for council in a special virtual event, hosted as part of Tricycle’s second annual Buddhism and Ecology Summit: Transforming Anxiety into Awakened Action

On May 4, 2023, 1-2:30pm EDT, senior Zen Peacemakers and dharma teachers will lead a session of Council focused on the prompt: As we face and experience the very real possibility of extreme environmental crisis and extinction in our lifetimes and certainly within the lifetimes of our descendants, how does this affect us personally and emotionally? How does this knowledge feel most intimately, from deeper below our thinking minds? 

Zen Peacemakers’ Council facilitators have years of experience leading groups at Auschwitz, Alabama, the Black Hills, Rwanda and other locations around the world. Under their guidance, we will break into small groups to explore the council process of active listening and sharing. Everyone will have the opportunity to share from the heart. No prior experience is necessary.

This event is free for Tricycle Premium subscribers and $10 for general admission, and will be capped at 120 participants. Sign up using the link below to claim your spot. 


  • Date: May 4, 2023
  • Time: 1-2:30pm EDT
  • Format: Zoom Meeting
  • Price: Premium Subscribers: Free // General Admission: $10