We live in an imperfect and impermanent world. By its very nature, life is ever-changing, conditional, and never fully as we’d like it to be. 

When we increase our capacity to accept the reality of change and imperfection, resistance gives way to kindness and caring. We open our hearts to life. We let go of fear and despair, creating space for the most appropriate attitude to an imperfect, transient world: compassion.

Join Gaia House meditation teachers Martine Batchelor, Laura Bridgman and Gavin Milne for a special live virtual workshop, Compassion in the Face of Impermanence. This workshop offers Buddhist teachings and a guided practice for cultivating direct insight into the changing, selfless nature of reality while nurturing heart qualities. 

This Zoom event will take place on February 11, 2022, 1-2pm ET / 10-11am PT.


Martine Batchelor

Martine Batchelor studied Zen Buddhism under the guidance of the late Master Kusan at Songgwang Sa monastery until 1984. Her Zen training also took her to nunneries in Taiwan and Japan. From 1981 she served as Kusan Sunim’s interpreter and accompanied him on lecture tours throughout the United States and Europe. She translated his book The Way of Korean Zen. Following Master Kusan’s death she returned her nun’s vows and left Korea.

Martine is the author of Principles of Zen, Meditation for Life (an illustrated book on meditation), The Path of Compassion, Women in Korean Zen, and Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits. Her latest book is The Spirit of the Buddha. She is the teacher of the online courses, Knowing How it Feels: Creatively Engaging with Habits and, with Stephen Batchelor, Secular Dharma.

Laura Bridgman

Laura Bridgman began meditating in her early teens and ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1995. She was resident at Amaravati and Chithurst monasteries under the guidance of her teachers Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Succito. Laura left the monastic tradition in 2015 and is now Staff Support Teacher at Gaia House, a retreat center in Devon, England. She has spent extended periods practicing with the Burmese teacher Sayadaw U Tejaniya. Laura taught Beyond the Inner Critic, a Tricycle Online Course, with Gavin Milne.

Gavin Milne

Gavin Milne has been practicing Insight Meditation since 2004 and was invited to train as a teacher under the guidance of Yanai Postelnik in 2015. Inspired and influenced by other paths, Gavin is particularly interested in exploring practice wherever we find ourselves—whether in the midst of family life or responding to the wider issues of our era. Together with Laura, he is a co-teacher of Beyond the Inner Critic, a Tricycle Online Course.


  • Date: February 11, 2022
  • Time: 1–2 PM EST
  • Format: Live virtual webinar on Zoom
  • Price: Donation-based
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