Mindfulness isn’t just about the mind. It’s also a practice of bringing our awareness back to the body, and finding a deeper presence in our physical form.

Ease into embodiment with this Zen and hula-focused embodiment workshop led by June Ryushin Kaililani Tanoue, a Zen priest in the White Plum lineage and a Master Teacher of Hawaiian hula dance. 

The cultural dance of hula, known as the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people, is seen as an embodiment of nature. The dancer becomes the motion of the wind through the trees, the waves on the shore, the life-giving rains, and the fragrance of flowers. Hula portrays this rich spiritual interdependence through mindful movement of hands, feet, and body. 

In this 75-minute workshop, you’ll explore a range of gentle movement and breath awareness practices—drawn from both the Zen and hula traditions—to help you experience the integration of meditation and dance.

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June Ryushin Kaililani Tanoue

June Ryushin Kaililani Tanoue is cofounder of the Zen Life & Meditation Center in Chicago with her husband Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse. She was fully empowered as a Zen priest and sensei (teacher) in the White Plum lineage in 2014. She founded Halau i Ka Pono, the Hula School of Chicago, a nondenominational program of Zen Life & Meditation Center.

Kumu June was born in Laupahoehoe on the Hamakua (Breath of the Ancestors) Coast on Hawaii Island. A fourth-generation Japanese American, she began hula classes at age 6 with Louise Beamer and went on to study with many other teachers. Kumu June went through traditional ’uniki ritual and graduated as ’Olapa (Dancer) in 1994, ’Olapa/Ho’opa’a (Dancer/Keeper of the Chants) in 1996, and Kumu Hula (Master
Teacher) in June 2000.


  • Date: November 4, 2022
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  • Price: By donation