Pilgrimage to Mongolia with Tricycle and Megan Mook August 4-17, 2022

Join us on this Buddhist Pilgrimage to Mongolia and witness a Buddhist renaissance firsthand in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.

This special triple-carbon-offset pilgrimage is coming up August 4-17, 2023. Roam the steppe and dunes where Genghis Khan forged an empire that forever shaped the modern world. Engage deeply with Mongolian monks & see how Buddhism expresses itself in the fabric of society. We’ll have the good fortune to attend Danshig Naadam, one of Mongolia’s most important religious festivals. Mongolia will open your heart as wide as its endless skies.

With the expert guidance of Meditation Teacher Megan Mook, Tricycle Publisher Sam Mowe, RetreaTours owners BJ Graf and Lauren Rathvon, and an expert local guide, Tricycle pilgrims will explore how to integrate what we are seeing and learning into our everyday lives and Western mentality.

Sustainability is our priority. RetreaTours is officially a Carbonfree® Partner with Their “carbon negative” commitment means that throughout every step of the pilgrimage, RetreaTours offsets more carbon than is produced, making this trip as sustainable as it will be memorable.

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  • Date: August 04–17, 2023
  • Time:
  • Format: Pilgrimage
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