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John le Carre

Magazine | Reviews

The Secret Pilgrim

The Secret Pilgrim By John le Carré. Alfred A. Knopf: New York, 1991, 336 pp., $21.95. I have long been an admirer of le Carré, yet I was unprepared for his latest book, The Secret Pilgrim.…

By Toinette Lippe

House of the Turquoise Roof

Magazine | Reviews

House of the Turquoise Roof

House of the Turquoise Roof By Dorje Yudon Yuthok, edited by Michael Harlin. Snow Lion Publications, Inc.: Ithaca, 1990, 330 pp., paper, $14.95. This autobiography of a Tibetan noblewoman describes, in exhaustive detail, life in her homeland…

By Diana N. Rowan

Magazine | On Food

Cilantro Days

I have always loved the dance of cleaning the kitchen, washing the vegetables, cutting, cooking, cleaning again. My culinary career began when I apprenticed with a Swiss chef at age seventeen. Cooking was art, it was…

By David Vardy

Magazine | Portfolio

Wiley Mind

Listening to the radio I hear .. Coyote Roshi a known collector of.. wooden buddhas received a letter from a student of Bhag Wan Shree Rahjneesh saying .. “You collect wooden buddhas .. why not come…

By William T. Wiley

Magazine | Editors View

At the Crossroad

In 1989 the Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize for being the only contemporary leader of a displaced people to disavow the use of arms to regain control of his country. This past March he…

By Helen Tworkov