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Magazine | Portfolio

Percolation / the Shadow

    Poetry by Jane HirshfieldCalligraphy by Michele Laporte “Percolation” first appeared in Yellow Silk and “The Shadow” first appeared in ZYZZYVA. Both will be included in The October Palace by Jane Hirshfield, forthcoming from Harper…

[Jane, Hirshfield] And [Michele, Laporte] Jane Hirshfield

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Fall 1993

Too Liberal Several issues ago Professor Robert Thurman outlined his view of Buddhist politics in “The Politics of Enlightenment” (Vol. II, No.1), which was a clear example of what I perceive to be a bias in…

By Tricycle

IdeasMagazine | On Food

Birds of Paradox

THE LATE KARMAPA loved birds. Westerners called the regal guru “the St. Francis of Tibet,” for he was often seen at his monastery in Bhutan with birds perched on his shoulders or eating from his hand.…

By Sylvia Beckwith

Magazine | In the News

In the News Fall 1993

PATH TO PEACE On May 4, more than four hundred Buddhist monks, nuns, and laypeopie left Angkor Wat in the first steps of a 350-kilometer, cross-country peace walk through the wartorn provinces of Siem Reap, Kompong…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Reviews

Human Minds: An Exploration

HUMAN MINDS: An ExplorationMargaret DonaldsonAllen Lane: The Penguin Press, a division of Viking Penguin: New York, 1992.314 pp., $25.00 (hardback). Eleanor Rosch SITUATED WITHIN one of the branches of Western psychology that strives to be a…

By Eleanor Rosch

Magazine | Reviews

Books in Brief

WHAT THE BUDDHA TAUGHTWalpola RahulaGrove Press: New York, 1974 In this reliable and insightful introduction to the teachings of the historical Buddha, Dr. Rahula provides general answers to questions pertinent to Westerners. In addition to addressing…

By Tricycle

TeachingsMagazine | Dharma Talk

The Real Buddha

Ninth-century master Huang Po represents the full-flowering of Ch’ an (Zen) Buddhism in China. A proponent of the “sudden” approach to enlightenment, he was profoundly concerned with the notion of transmitting the dharma from master to…

By Master Huang Po


Magazine | Column


All questions for Abby Dharma are subject to editing and will be published and answered anonymously. Questions may be addressed to Abby Dharma, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, 163 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011. I…

By Tricycle