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Fall 2006

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Beloved Community

What can a Zen priest learn from a fundamentalist theologian? A Buddhist community takes interfaith dialogue beyond common ground with their evangelical Christian neighbors.

By Sallie Jiko Tisdale



Letters to the Editor Fall 2006

FAST AND LOOSE WITH THE CANON? In his recent column (“What’s the Opposite of Jealousy?” Summer 2006), Jorge Ferrer indicated that unwholesome states such as jealousy and anger in someone opposing a partner’s promiscuity show a lack of Buddhist principles. Truly, according to the Buddha, even if someone is brutally murdering you, you should dwell […]

By Tricycle

Editors View

So you think I’m going to hell?

WHAT DO YOU SAY to a fundamentalist Christian who’s certain you’re on the fast track to hell? Keep in mind she may be wondering what to say to you, too, since she knows you probably think she’s impenetrably ignorant. And yet the two of you very likely have no trouble being polite to each another […]

By James Shaheen


Contributors Fall 2006

  CLARK STRAND’s confession of faith, “Born Again Buddhist”, offers a highly personal view of American Buddhism. He tells us: “I believe we are on the brink of a great new wave of Buddhist conversion, and that wave will be Pure Land Buddhism. The Pure Land teaching seizes ordinary people in the midst of their […]

By Tricycle


Karma Crossroads

According to the law of karma, the choices we make in every moment determine our fate. Matthieu Ricard offers some useful guidelines for navigating the karmic course to true happiness.

By The Editors


Buddha Buzz

  21ST-CENTURY ENLIGHTENMENT Let’s face it: nothing gets a message across like lasers. Thanks to Manick Sorcar’s multimedia show “Enlightenment of Buddha,” special effects once confined to rock concerts and all-night raves are now serving the dharma. Winner of the Artistic Award for “best use of laser in a live stage performance” at the 2006 […]

By Tricycle


Books in Brief

FUNDAMENTAL MIND MI-PAM-GYA-TSO; COMMENTARY BY KHETSUN SANGPO RINBOCHAY; JEFFREY HOPKINS, TRANS. Snow Lion Publications, 2006 175 pp.; $16.95 (paper) IN HIS INSIGHTFUL and practical commentary on Mipham Gyatso’s The Meaning of Fundamental Mind, Clear Light, senior Nyingma lama Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche explores the difference between mistaken mind—with which we engage in all our daily activities—and […]

By hillary brenhouse
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