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Spring 2008

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Robert Bellah religion


The R Word

Fundamentalists here and abroad have been giving religion a bad rap lately, and so-called militant atheists have used the opportunity to take up the offensive. But according to prominent sociologist Robert N. Bellah, both sides have it wrong: they are mistaken about what religion actually is.

By Robert Bellah


Sacred Seeds

Just as a seed contains the whole plant, the syllables of Siddham calligraphy are concentrations of enlightened energy. This holy script played a crucial role in the journey of Tantric Buddhism from ancient India to East Asia. Text and artwork by David Schneider

By David Schneider
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Letters Spring 2008

FORGETTING THE FREAKS Andrew Goodwin’s review of Christopher Hitchens’s God Is Not Great (Fall 2007) is slanted and confused. Although Goodwin applauds the book (except where it applies to Buddhism), he uses the review as a podium from which to preach his own hostile view of theism and religion, two separate if overlapping categories he […]

By Tricycle
christopher alexander


Nature Unfolding

Contributing editor Katy Butler speaks with renowned architect Christopher Alexander, who has spent decades investigating the source and forms of beauty. What he has found is a pathway to God.

Interview with Christopher Alexander by Katy Butler


Contributors Spring 2008

                                Joan Halifax, Zen teacher and Abbot of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, brought her experience as a pioneer in end-of-life field care to this issue’s “The Lucky Dark.” She says, “My work with dying people reminds […]

By Tricycle

Editors View

Heroes and Communities

IT IS TEMPTING, almost habitual, to view Gandhi through the prism of Western individualism, as a solitary leader who somehow lifted the entire Indian subcontinent on his shoulders and, David-like, took a stand against the Goliath of empires. But while there is no gainsaying Gandhi’s dedication and genius, if the approach to nonviolence he practiced […]

By James Shaheen