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Featured Contributors Spring 2012

Chaco Terada, whose photographs appear in “Zen and the Art,” began practicing calligraphy as a four-year-old child in Japan. She learned by observing her father, Soseki Terada, a master calligrapher, and copying his work. After Terada…

By Tricycle

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Letters to the Editor Spring 2012

A teacher and novelist Dan Zigmond’s review “Finding True Love,” (Fall 2011) seems to have used the vehicle of a book review not to review The Novice but rather to issue a diatribe against the life…

By Tricycle

two people hold cups of coffee

Magazine | Brief Teachings

Dear Abbey Dharma

Dear Abbey Dharma, I often wonder about loving oneself and awareness. I am terrified of getting into a relationship, so I avoid pain by avoiding relationships. But I end up creating more pain for myself that…

By Sylvia Boorstein

Magazine | Brief Teachings

Creating Space

These days we have so many things to think about: our health, our family, our work, our dharma practice. When we don’t know how to deal with them, these worries can make our minds start to…

By Phakchok Rinpoche

Magazine | Good Work

Attention to Death

So many deaths I have been a part of, so many patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers have touched my life. Together we’ve created a kind of peaceful revolution whose battle cry is as quiet and profound…

By Emma Varvaloucas

Magazine | Good Work

Art As A Weapon

Last year street artist Shepard Fairey spent several days painting a three-story-high mural of a Burmese monk on the side of a building in downtown San Diego, and Breadtruck Films’ Jeffrey Durkin was there to film…

By Emma Varvaloucas

CultureMagazine | Reviews

How Buddhist Is Modern Buddhism?

The Making of Buddhist Modernism David L. McMahan New York: Oxford University Press 2008, 320 pp., $29.95 paper Buddhism was the first major missionary religion, and by all accounts it seems to have spread peacefully. The…

By David Loy

Magazine | Parting Words

37 Practices of the Bodhisattva, Verse 1

  Right now, you have a good boat, fully equipped and available—hard to find. To free others and you from the sea of samsara, Day and night, fully alert and present, Study, reflect, and meditate—this is…

[Thogme, Zhangpo (1297–1371)] And [Ken, McLeod] Ken McLeod

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