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Featured Contributors Spring 2012

Chaco Terada, whose photographs appear in “Zen and the Art,” began practicing calligraphy as a four-year-old child in Japan. She learned by observing her father, Soseki Terada, a master calligrapher, and copying his work. After Terada moved to the United States in her 20s, she felt freer to express herself, combining calligraphy and photography. “I […]

By Tricycle

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Letters to the Editor Spring 2012

A teacher and novelist Dan Zigmond’s review “Finding True Love,” (Fall 2011) seems to have used the vehicle of a book review not to review The Novice but rather to issue a diatribe against the life and teachings of its author, Thich Nhat Hanh. Having read several of Nhat Hanh’s books and having been to […]

By Tricycle

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Magazine | Brief Teachings

Dear Abbey Dharma

Dear Abbey Dharma, I often wonder about loving oneself and awareness. I am terrified of getting into a relationship, so I avoid pain by avoiding relationships. But I end up creating more pain for myself that way, and I often find myself in bad situations. How can I achieve a level of self-esteem where I […]

By Sylvia Boorstein

Magazine | Brief Teachings

Creating Space

These days we have so many things to think about: our health, our family, our work, our dharma practice. When we don’t know how to deal with them, these worries can make our minds start to slowly shrink, becoming more and more narrow, and as a consequence more and more negative. Sometimes things start to […]

By Phakchok Rinpoche

Magazine | Good Work

Attention to Death

So many deaths I have been a part of, so many patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers have touched my life. Together we’ve created a kind of peaceful revolution whose battle cry is as quiet and profound as two strangers holding hands before death. We’ve gone to the edge of our fear of death, of our […]

By Emma Varvaloucas

Magazine | Good Work

Art As A Weapon

Last year street artist Shepard Fairey spent several days painting a three-story-high mural of a Burmese monk on the side of a building in downtown San Diego, and Breadtruck Films’ Jeffrey Durkin was there to film the entire process. Durkin, who works out of a converted Wonder Bread truck—now a mobile film studio, and the […]

By Emma Varvaloucas

CultureMagazine | Reviews

How Buddhist Is Modern Buddhism?

The Making of Buddhist Modernism David L. McMahan New York: Oxford University Press 2008, 320 pp., $29.95 paper Buddhism was the first major missionary religion, and by all accounts it seems to have spread peacefully. The merchants and monks who transported the dharma did not accompany conquering armies or attempt to defeat the local gods. […]

By David Loy

Magazine | Parting Words

37 Practices of the Bodhisattva, Verse 1

  Right now, you have a good boat, fully equipped and available—hard to find. To free others and you from the sea of samsara, Day and night, fully alert and present, Study, reflect, and meditate—this is the practice of a bodhisattva. Commentary By Ken McLeod The first verse of the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva […]

[Thogme, Zhangpo (1297–1371)] And [Ken, McLeod] Ken McLeod

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