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illustrations of the monks about to enter a three year retreat

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The Dream Team

Contributing editor Pamela Gayle White speaks with six dedicated practitioners before they enter three-year retreat.

by Pamela Gayle White | artwork by Adrian Eisenhower


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Letters to the Editor Spring 2014

A Slice of Humble Pie Thank you for Amie Barrodale’s article “La Pala” (Winter 2013). It reminded me of a passage from a book by Iris Murdoch, A Word Child: “Nothing humbles human pride more than…

By The Editors

Magazine | Brief Teachings

The Great Compassion

My eyes being hindered by blind passions, I cannot perceive the light that grasps me; Yet the great compassion, without tiring, Illumines me always. ♦ Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha, The Collected Works of Shinran, Vol. 1.

By Shinran

Magazine | Brief Teachings

The Eight Winds

Worthy persons deserve to be called so because they are not carried away by the eight winds: prosperity, decline, disgrace, honor, praise, censure, suffering, and pleasure. They are neither elated by prosperity nor grieved by decline.…

By The Editors

Magazine | Brief Teachings

Letting Go of Our Baggage

The process of cultivating mind can be compared to climbing up a mountain. On the way to the highest peak, imagine we come across all different kinds of luggage. Should we also carry these up the…

By Daehaeng Kun Sunim

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