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IdeasMagazine | Special Section

Death Watch

In late 1947, the great meditation master Ajaan Chah (1918-1992) arrived at Khrong Forest Monastery. He found that if he wanted to stay at this wat, he would have to follow the traditional thudong (dhutanga) practice…

By Kamala Tiyanavich


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Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Winter 1998

Lama Drama If Thinley Norbu Rinpoche has the severe philosophical and practical problems with Western Buddhist teachers, groups, and students that he claims to have, then it should be plain and clear that factual examples need…

By Tricycle

Magazine | On Gardening

Agaja’s Spade

I have a new spade this winter, heavy, a little stiff, and very sharp. As I work digging a fresh bed for Bleu de Solaize leeks, I think of my friend Agaja’s twenty-year-old spade. Agaja is…

By Wendy Johnson

IdeasMagazine | In the News

In the News Winter 1998

Do I Have a Witness? An Anglo-Catholic from Massachusetts,who is now a Buddhist nun in the Nipponza Myohoji order, a Japanese Buddhist peace movement, had a dream. Sister Clare Carter, as she is still called, along…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

The Clinton Koan

What is the sound of one hand clapping? What was your face before you were born? These Zen koans have seeped into the English vernacular as “riddles.” What characterizes a riddle, however, is to ask a…

By Tricycle

TeachingsMagazine | Parting Words

The Duck Call

The following story is based on a Chinese Buddhist scripture called Bayu-jing, or The One Hundred Parable Sutra. It was originally translated from Sanskrit into Chinese in 492 C.E. by Gunavriddi, a Buddhist teacher from central…

By Tricycle