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One Dharma

This article appears in 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-Book. It’s free to all Supporting and Sustaining Members. Get the e-book. As different Buddhist traditions take root in the West, is it possible…

By Joseph Goldstein

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Letters to the Editor Winter 2001

Tricycle welcomes letters to the editor. Letters are subject to editing. Please send correspondence to: Tricycle: The Buddhist Review92 Vandam St.New York, NY 10013Fax: (212) 645-1493E-mail address: Dharma Mums I read Anne Cushman’s article on…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Reviews

Books In Brief Winter 2001

Answers: Discussions with Western BuddhistsThe Dalai LamaTranslated and edited by José CabezónSnow Lion Publications: Ithaca, 2001102 pp.; $12.95 (paper) It has been a long-standing tradition for the Dalai Lama to spend several days each winter in…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Winter 2001

Andrew Schelling, poet, Zen student, and translator of India’s old verse, teaches at Naropa University. Regarding his essay“Bardo of Lost Mammals,” he remarks: “Buddhist texts old and new refer to the interdependence of all forms of…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

What Works

“Until there is peace in the Middle East, there will be no peace for Americans at home.” In spite of himself, Osama bin Laden spoke the truth. What he intended as a menacing threat turned out…

By James Shaheen

Magazine | Reviews

‘Tariki’ by Hiroyuki Itsuki

Tariki: Embracing Despair, Discovering PeaceHiroyuki ItsukiKodansha: New York, 2001229 pp.; $21.00 (cloth) In Tariki: Embracing Despair, Discovering Peace, Hiroyuki Itsuki recounts an episode from a modern play about the life of Shinran, the thirteenth-century founder of…

By Clark Strand

Magazine | Afterword

September 20, 2001

We are obliged to cherish and protect this world, The place we humans call our home. So why pointlessly destroy any source Of our world’s prosperity? May the truth of all buddhas in the ten directions…

By Thrangu Rinpoche